Back To Basics Workout: Deadlifts and Traps!

Back To Basics Workout: Deadlifts and Traps!

Published by Doc on Aug 11th 2019

This day ROCKS!!!  

If you do deadlifts on back day, then skip the first part and head down to the TRAPS section.  I have discovered that doing deadlifts followed by trap routine will really kick your traps HARD.

Barbell Deadlifts
5 Sets of 5 Rest: 90s

Smith Machine Shrugs
5 Sets of 20 Rest: 60s

Behind The Back Shrugs
2 Sets of 20 Rest: 60s

Dumbbell Shrugs
5 Sets of 12 Rest: 60s

Superman Wide Trap Raises
5 Sets of 12 Rest: 60s

Trap Push Down Cables
3 Sets of 12 Rest: 60s

Deadlifts are often underused or used in correctly!  Google or YouTube Search CORRECT DEADLIFT FORM.  This is an AMAZING full body exercise that will make EVERYTHING grow!

You can use barbell, hex/trap bar or even Smith Machine!

Hit these up for 5 sets of 5 heavy after a light warmup of 20 reps.  Once you finish, take a small 2-5 minute break and then start the Trap routine!

First up, Smith Machine.  This forces you to use better form and not roll your shoulders.  Do NOT roll your shoulders around and do NOT tuck your neck...OUCH.  On these, do a few sets kind of wide, followed by two sets, close grip.  Really squeeze and hold these.  Don't just go through the motion!  Hold for a good one-two count at the top!

Then, hop on the other side and grab the weight behind you with hands about in the location of your buttocks!  Knocks these two sets out and head over to the dumbbell rack!

The DB shrugs allow me to alter my positioning.  I will hold the DBs in front of me to start and sometimes end up with them behind me, or at least on the side of the hips.  Really hold and squeeze and bring the shoulders WAY up and watch your traps in the mirror the entire time!

Next, set up an incline bench at an angle more than 30-45 degree.  Sit on your knees and brace yourself.  Starting with the DBs or a STRAIGHT loaded bar down below, bring the weights up as high as you can, like Superman taking flight!  You will feel the traps in a different spot and you will see them knot up like CRAZY.  Bring the weight way down and feel that stretch!

Lastly, Trap Pushdowns.  Single Arm or Bar.  The easiest way here is to head over and check this out

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