The Keyrack Is Not Just For Keys - Check Your Ego!

The Keyrack Is Not Just For Keys - Check Your Ego!

Nov 17th 2019

The next time you hit the gym, take a minute to look at your keyrack up front.  It's the perfect place for your keys, even a light jacket is possible.  But, don't think about the tangible items, alone, that can go there.  If you want to grow, as we all, in the lifestyle, are trying to accomplish, then take a minute to leave your ego on the keyrack before you don your headphones and get that lift going!

Lately, I have been focusing my workouts on TIME UNDER TENSION principles.  I have always been one to fully work on my mind-muscle lifting.  Always concentrating on each lift, each rep, with the most blood pumping executions I can.  But sometimes, we can just get into a rut where, not completely just going through the motions, but just getting in and knowing we have to hit 12-15 reps, and we just make sure we hit those numbers, not necessarily getting the best activation from each rep.

As I rest and look around at some of the people lifting, I tend to evaluate folks and see what moves and such they are using for their workout.  Not doing this to judge or critique these folks, at all.  Strictly as a learning tool to decide if I see them doing an exercise that I have not done in a while or any other number of reasons.  What I see, more often than not, is people, not just guys and not just the ladies, lifting and executing their reps with no concern for the end result of each lift.  Carefully observing their lifts, I see either too much weight or too light of weight and not one rep of muscle activation has occurred.  And this is not attacking or hitting on cheat reps.  I am strictly talking about the guy who is overly concerned about the other "Bros" in the gym thinking they are weak.  So, bro....Put that 50# Dumbbell down and grab the 25#s and do some real work!

I always see memes that bodybuilding is 80% Diet and 20% Working Out, or some comparable ratio.  But, in all honesty, the is not accurate.  Keeping with that same though, I would add in another equation and alter those percentages.


Let that sink in, for as long as it takes.  Too many folks tend to believe that 3 hours in the gym a couple of times a week is all that's needed and they kick diet to the curb.  Others will workout great, but won't have concern for the first amount of macro targeting or consumption for their efforts.  Which leads me to the next thing.  You have those that have complete knowledge of working out and what can make you into a BEAST, yet they don't even lift to their fullest abilities.

I have seen memes negating the advice from a little guy given to the bigger guy.  Here's the deal.  Check that mentality at the keyrack!  I have been lifting for 30 plus years, minus 12 years out of the gym from an injury.  I have had to re-learn things and remind my body about mind-muscle connection.  It's been great.  I have seen changes and growth that have come at a painful price, but nonetheless they have come.  But, with all of the "experience" I, personally have, under me, this Gym Game should ALWAYS be treated as a learning game!  Never be afraid or without humility to accept and fully listen to what someone else has to say.  Listen to them with all of your brain and then decide if they are telling you some useless info.  You never know, one little key piece of advice from someone can change your workouts for the best with greater results!

Go into the gym, lift smart.  Do some research.  The internet is a free wealth of knowledge!  I have been such a student of Dr. Jim Stoppani He is the man behind Jym Supplements Recently, I have been using Alpha Lion Supplements and they are AMAZING.  I came across Troy Adashun , one of Founders Of Alpha Lion.  He has a site called SuperHumanYou and an amazing YouTube Channel that I have come across and learned from the last month and a half!  I have changed my routines up to his videos, routines and exercises and the past 3 weeks have had CRAZY results and growth!  Check out these two amazing men and I guarantee you will learn things you never knew!  

Without continuing to be OVERLY lengthy, don't go into the gym worried about the next persons weight volume used.  Go in with the knowledge of what you are doing.  The final outcome is what needs to be the focus.  Lift smart.  Blow their minds by growing at insane rates, using light weights while they hit plateaus and wonder why!

Nothing like being 6'5" and 250# hitting your biceps with a 30# dumbbell while the dude 5'5" and 165# is trying to sling around 50# and not having even 1/10 of the muscle damage and anabolic activation that you just got in 20 minutes and he's in the gym before and after you leave!

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